To be an advocate to protect and restore water quality, habitats and the beauty of the Yellow Creek Watershed through engagement and education.

The Yellow Creek Foundation

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Bath, OH  44210-0240

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Voluntary Dismissal

Dear Yellow Creek Foundation Friends/Supporters,

It is with gratitude for your steadfast support that The Directors of The Yellow Creek Foundation want you to know how much you have meant to us during the past 7 years.


Summit County Court has ordered YCF to post a $10,000.00 bond by this Wednesday, December 8th  in preparation for the upcoming public hearing. This past fall we have been conducting a fund-raising campaign. While we have not met our goal, we were prepared to dig even deeper into our own pockets to post the bond. However, for practical reasons, not legal reasons, YCF has decided not to post the bond necessary to move forward in seeking to establish a watershed conservancy district. Instead, YCF has decided to formally withdraw the court proceedings that we first initiated in 2017. Although we have a strong case to present the court for district formation, even if we prevail, we would likely be burdened with years of subsequent legal battles from other entities involved.


Unfortunately, the political fight to establish a conservancy district in our little community continues to reflect what our country is experiencing. If the municipalities continue to put their own interests first, without regard for neighboring communities, the holistic conservation approach for which YCF is advocating is a lost battle. Conservancy Districts in Ohio have always had the support of municipalities within the districts. In our case, that spirit of cooperation is lacking. A united, watershed-wide effort is what is really needed to address the problems facing our watershed. However, continuing to fight in court would drain our donors.


YCF continues to believe establishing a conservancy district in the Yellow Creek Watershed is the smart approach necessary to address a regional problem. YCF, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will put funds to better use by following our mission to increase awareness and educate residents about best practices for the environment. YCF started its efforts before the Bath Township Storm Water Management effort was established. Our sincere hope is that after four or more years of collecting fees, Bath Township residents will begin to see sustainable projects initiated.


Once again, thank you for your support. You have helped us make a difference, and we will continue to do so on a parallel path. We will be in touch next year.


All the best to you and yours!



Brenda McShaffrey   Mark Spisak   James Stender

Protect the Yellow Creek!

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